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EO Help service resumed

02 December 2016

The technical problem affecting the EO Help service desk has been resolved.

EO Help service temporarily unavailable

01 December 2016

Due to technical problems the EO Help service desk is currently unavailable. Users may still raise requests through the EO-Support Customer web interface, or via email as needed, but there may be a delay in response until the issue is resolved.

The problem is under investigation, and normal service shall resume shortly.

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Sharing Earth observation satellite data to help understand our planet

01 December 2016

Since the launch of the first Earth-observing satellites in the 1970s, numerous missions from international space organisations have taken to the sky. Today, decades of data are helping scientists to build a better picture of changes to our planet.

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Arctic freeze slows down

30 November 2016

ESA's CryoSat satellite has found that the Arctic has one of the lowest volumes of sea ice of any November, matching record lows in 2011 and 2012. Early winter growth of ice in the Arctic has been about 10% lower than usual.

Release of reprocessed CryoSat Ocean Data from 2010-2015: Data access and key information

29 November 2016

ESA has recently decided to reprocess all GOP L1 and L2 Geophysical Ocean Products (GOP) from the end of the CryoSat commissioning phase (November 2010) to the installation of the current CryoSat Ocean Processor version (March 2015).

On-The-Fly collection maintenance - 01 December 2016

29 November 2016

Due to scheduled maintenance, the new On-The-Fly (OTF) collection will be unavailable on Thursday 01 December 2016, from 09:00-13:00 CET.

MERCI-MERIS RR maintenance - 30 November 2016

29 November 2016

Due to a planned maintenance, the MERCI web interface hosting Envisat MERIS Reduced Resolution (RR) data will be unavailable for approximately 4 hours from 09:30 CEST on Wednesday 30 November 2016.

CryoSat Roll Campaigns dataset released

28 November 2016

Since the beginning of the CryoSat mission, ESA has supervised several roll campaigns during which the satellite rolls left and right in orbit in order to perform end-to-end calibration of the interferometer over the ocean. All of the SARin data (FBR, L1B, L2I, L2) acquired during these roll campaigns have now been made available to all users.

ESRIN - EO-SSO maintenance - 29 November 2016

28 November 2016

A planned system maintenance will be affecting the availability of all Earth Observation (EO) SSO services at ESA-ESRIN; the activity has been scheduled on Tuesday 29 November from 09:00 to 13:00 CET.

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Satellites confirm San Francisco tower is sinking

25 November 2016

The Sentinel-1 satellites have shown that the Millennium Tower skyscraper in the centre of San Francisco is sinking by a few centimetres a year. Studying the city is helping scientists to improve the monitoring of urban ground movements, particularly for subsidence hotspots in Europe.

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