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EOLI-SA temporarily unavailable

21 July 2016

Due to system problems, the EOLI-SA Catalogue and Ordering tool is temporarily unavailable.

Earth Online maintenance extended - 19-21 July 2016

21 July 2016

Due to urgent maintenance, access to the My Earthnet section of the Earth Online website is currently unavailable to all users until 21 July 2016 18:00 CEST.

EOLI-SA - New version 9.6.6 released

21 July 2016

A new version of the EOLI-SA Catalogue and Ordering tool (v 9.6.6) has been released and is available for download on the EOLI-SA web page.

Swarm L1B and L2 Cat-2 data regenerated for 02 and 03 April 2016

20 July 2016

An anomalous variation in the Inter Boresight Angle (IBA) for Camera Head Unit (CHU) pairs A-C and B-C has been observed for Swarm A during approximately 6 hours between 02 and 03 April 2016. Consequently the Swarm L1B and L2 Cat-2 data have been regenerated.

CryoSat calibration campaign on 20 July 2016 - Product unavailability

18 July 2016

To guarantee that the quality of the CryoSat products are always at their best, a number of calibrations are applied to its measurements which also take into consideration the ageing of the satellite's main payload instrument, SIRAL.

As part of these activities a series of calibration campaigns have been scheduled, the first of which shall take place on 20 July 2016, from 07:13:16 to 12:10:56, and shall affect the availability of NRT and ocean products during this time.

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Chilly summer for Sentinel-2B

18 July 2016

While most of us may be looking forward to spending some time in the sunshine this summer, the Sentinel-2B satellite is being subjected to the extreme cold of space to make sure it is fit for life in orbit.

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Europe's workhorse Sentinel ready for action

13 July 2016

Getting the bigger picture on the health of our planet drew another step closer today as Europe's Sentinel-3A satellite was handed over to EUMETSAT for operations.

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CryoSat reveals recent Greenland ice loss

12 July 2016

In the most detailed picture to date, information from ESA's CryoSat satellite reveals how melting ice in Greenland has recently contributed twice as much to sea-level rise as the prior two decades.

Proba-V maintenance on 14 July 2016

12 July 2016

Due to maintenance activities of the Proba-V onboard computer, the VGT instrument is expected to deliver no data on Thursday 14 July 2016 during 08:49 to 10:37.

Envisat and ERS-1/2 sample datasets now available on FTP

11 July 2016

ESA makes freely available to the scientific community sample Envisat and ERS-1 and 2 datasets. A pair of these sample datasets for earthquakes are now available for download via FTP.

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