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Swarm as a gravity field mission and a climatological model of high-latitude FAC

27 February 2017

The Swarm DISC has published two Invitations To Tender:

  • "Swarm as a gravity field mission"
  • "Production and visualization of a climatological model of high-latitude ionospheric and field aligned current systems"

The closing date for both ITTs are 20 April.

CryoSat data access network maintenance on 08-09 March 2017

24 February 2017

CryoSat users are informed that a mandatory maintenance shall be performed on the network in Kiruna beginning 08 March 2017.

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Two radar eyes are better than one

23 February 2017

A novel airborne experiment over the flat agricultural landscape of the Netherlands recently simulated, for the first time, images that could be taken by radar satellites orbiting in tandem.

Swarm DISC to publish four Invitations To Tender

22 February 2017

Swarm DISC is preparing the release of four new Invitations To Tender for the generation of new data products supporting the exploitation of the Swarm mission.

New Swarm non-gravitational acceleration and thermosphere neutral density products released

22 February 2017

The development of a new processing method resulted in a new data set of non-gravitational accelerations and thermosphere neutral densities calculated from Swarm GPS receiver observations.

Abstract submission for International Workshop 'Validating Copernicus Sentinel data'

21 February 2017

The international workshop 'Validating Copernicus Sentinel data using Fiducial Reference Measurement' will be held in Plymouth, UK, from 20 to 21 June 2017.

The abstract submission deadline for the workshop is now only one week away: 28 February 2017

GEOSS users and Data Provider Workshops to benefit from GEOSS enhancements

21 February 2017

An enhanced version of the GEOSS Portal - which offers access to Earth observation data from more than 150 national and regional providers - was recently released, providing a more intuitive interface and improved search filters.

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Sentinels warn of dangerous ice crack

16 February 2017

Following the appearance of a large crack in the ice shelf close to the Halley VI research station in Antarctica, information from the Copernicus Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 satellites helped to decide to close the base temporarily.

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Sentinel-2 teams prepare for space

16 February 2017

Going to space is never routine, and Sentinel-2 mission controllers are leaving nothing to chance as they prepare for the critical days following next month's liftoff.

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Fuel Sentinel-2B: Done

16 February 2017

As liftoff day draws closer, the Sentinel-2B 'to do' list is shrinking as tasks are ticked off, including the tricky process of fuelling the satellite. And, even despite having to do a few unexpected jobs, everything is on track for launch.

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