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JERS-1 SAR and Optical data available

31 January 2018

ESA is pleased to announce that the JERS-1 Optical and Synthetic Aperture Radar Level-1 products are now available to download. These data are free of charge and access is granted immediately to all users worldwide after fast registration.

NEST 4C-1.1 now available on RSS G-POD

01 March 2013

NEST 4C-1.1 release has been integrated into the RSS Grid Processing On-Demand (G-POD) environment and made available to all G-POD registered users.

New JERS document

28 March 2002

The JERS SAR PRI Products Calibration document is available in the Earthnet Online Library.

Reader of the CEOS annotations for the JERS1 SAR CEOS tape products

23 October 1998

This software reads products such as DETEC, RAW, COMPLEX, GEC and is suitable for machines that have SOLARIS 1 (or SOLARIS 2) operating system and Sun C compiler installed .

Product prices

12 August 1997

Prices of Remote Sensing Products (as approved by ESA) can be found for the ERS-1 and 2 SAR instrument, the ERS-1 and 2 low bit rate instruments, the "experimental missions" instruments and the JERS-1 instruments.