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Landsat Products Description

This document is intended as a User Guide describing the Landsat products generated by the European Space Agency (ESA) in the framework of the ESA Landsat archive bulk-reprocessing project.

This document provides an introduction to the Landsat missions as a whole and then focuses more specifically on the Landsat 5 Thematic Mapper (TM) and the Landsat 7 Enhanced Thematic Mapper + (ETM+) product format specifications, data processor description and User Notes for version 3.03 of the ESA dataset for the Kiruna (KSE), Maspalomas (MPS) and Matera (MTI) archives.

Main evolutions and expected quality improvements in Baseline C Level-1b CryoSat products

This document presents the main evolutions and quality improvements expected in the LRM/SAR/SARin BaselineC Level 1b products from a user point of view. The main objective of this technical note is thus to briefly present and clarify the effects of the IPF1 evolutions on the LRM/SAR/SARin Level 1b products from BaselineB to BaselineC.

Swarm Preliminary Plasma Dataset User Note

This user note describes the Swarm Preliminary Plasma Dataset, which has been made available to the Swarm science users thanks to the efforts of the Swarm Electric Field Instrument (EFI) principal investigators (PIs) and their teams.

CryoSat Level-2 product evolutions and quality improvements in Baseline C

This document is a high-level overview of recent evolutions in the CryoSat data processing associated to the upcoming Baseline C.

JERS/SeaSat SAR Level 1 products - Envisat and GEOTIFF/TIFF format specifications

This document defines the Envisat and GEOTIFF/TIFF format of the L1 products generated from JERS/SeaSat SAR sensor data by the ESA JERS SAR Instrument Processing Facility (IPF).

Swarm Level 1b Product Definition

This document is prepared as part of the Swarm Level 1b Processor specification. It defines the contents of the Swarm Level 1b products.

Swarm PDGS Data Access User Manual

The purpose of this document is to describe the data access mechanism available for the Swarm Users.

Beam Behaviour Parameters in CryoSat Level 1b products

This document contains a detailed description of the quantities annotated in the Beam Behavior Parameter field in CryoSat SAR/SARin Level 1b products. Moreover, the way these quantities are computed is also described.

REAPER - Product handbook for ERS Altimetry reprocessed products

This document is intended to give REAPER data users a concise overview of the contents of the REAPER Level 2 (L2) products, and to provide an introduction to how to use them for scientific work.

GOCE Level 2 Product Data Handbook

The purpose of this document is to provide a detailed description of the GOCE level 2 products generated by the High Level Processing Facility and distributed to the GOCE users. These products include GOCE gravity gradients, GOCE orbit solutions as well as the GOCE gravity field models including supporting information. The document describes everything required to make use of the level 2 products for further processing or application. For a complete review of GOCE products, please refer also to GOCE Level 1b Products User Handbook.

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