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Swarm Level 2 Product Specification

This document specifies the Swarm Level 2 products and auxiliary products.

ATSR Scientific Document Listing

This document provides links to scientific papers, or lists thereof, that involve ATSR data.

IDEAS - Envisat AATSR Performance Report

This document describes the performance of the AATSR instrument during the Envisat mission.

Swarm Level 1b Processor Algorithms

The Swarm Level 1b Processor processes the Swarm Level 0 data from each of the three satellites individually and produces the Swarm Level 1b Data Products. This document contains the detailed description of the algorithms required for the processing.

Swarm Level 1b CDF Data Format

The purpose of this document is to identify and describe the output data format of the CDF converter tool with respect to the Swarm L1b IPF.

Swarm Orbit Counter Specifications - ORBCNT

This document is intended to describe the new Swarm Auxiliary data file containing the Swarm orbit numbers. The new Swarm Orbit Counter auxiliary data file is referred with a new dedicated product type (ORBxCNT), and it provides precise Swarm orbit number information to the scientific user community.

Swarm PDGS Data Access User Manual

The purpose of this document is to describe the data access mechanism available for the Swarm Users.

GUT3 WP3100 Validation Report

This document presents the results of the GUT v3 oceanographic validation carried out under GUT3-WP3100.

Swarm Corrected Mag-L Preliminary Data Release Notes

The purpose of this document is to provide notes on the release of preliminary corrected Swarm magnetic vector field measurement data.

Landsat Products Description

This document is intended as a User Guide describing the Landsat products generated by the European Space Agency (ESA) in the framework of the ESA Landsat archive bulk-reprocessing project.

This document provides an introduction to the Landsat missions as a whole and then focuses more specifically on the Landsat 5 Thematic Mapper (TM) and the Landsat 7 Enhanced Thematic Mapper + (ETM+) product format specifications, data processor description and User Notes for version 3.03 of the ESA dataset for the Kiruna (KSE), Maspalomas (MPS) and Matera (MTI) archives.

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