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Envisat DORIS

DORIS Precise Orbit State Vectors (ENVISAT.DOR.VOR_AX)

This product was generated by the Centre de Traitement Doris Poseidon (CTDP).

It is used to obtain the satellite orbital parameters (lat, long, height and height rate) by using orbit computation routines.

The Envisat Precise Orbits products available (POE or DOR_VOR_AX) are in GDR-D version.

The most significant changes relative to the GDR-D standards concern the new reference frame (ITRF2008) and the gravity field (a new mean model from CNES/GRGS spanning 8 years of GRACE data including the drifts terms). The new standards significantly improve all POD metrics and, most important, the consistency of Envisat Altimeter Sea Surface Height (SSH) with that of Jason-1 and Jason-2 Altimeter missions. The file size is 0.2 Mbytes per orbit.

Product Availability

Full mission archive available online via FTP upon registration

See Table (PDF, 111 KB)

More Info

Data Set Specifications
Temporal Coverage:
2002-04-25 to 2012-04-08
Spatial Coverage:
90 N, 90 S, 180 W, 180 E
Data Type:
Radar Altimetry
Processing Level:
Level 1
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