Minimize Programme - EO Summer School 8 - 2016
EO Summer School 8 - Participants
Nektarios Chrysoulakis (FORTH)
Urban Remote sensing applications
The exploitation of EO in urban energy budget estimation (focusing on UrbanFluxes)
EO-derived surface albedo time series
Maria Brovelli (Politecnico di Milano)
Overview of Free and Open Source Software for Geoinformation (FOSS4G)
Citizen Generated Content and FOS Participative Platforms: VGI
Citizen Generated Content and FOS Participative Platforms: geocrowdsourced data
Heather Leson (Qatar Computing Research Institute)
Building a Citizen Engaged Research Project
Crowdsourcing with Geospatial Data-Driven Innovation
The Next Million Mappers and MicroTasking
Angela Benedetti (ECMWF)
Atmospheric Composition Modelling and Assimilation
Data assimilation principles
Brief tutorial on tangent linear and adjoint models
Use of satellite data for Environmental Monitoring
Eberhard Parlow (University of Basel)
Surface temperature – what does this data tell us about micro-meteorological processes?
Urban climate – analysis of radiation and heat fluxes
Long data series – climate related data for global change trend analysis
Bertrand Chapron (Ifremer)
Ocean from Space
The restless ocean
Surf the wave
Tim Wright (Leeds University)
Measuring surface deformation with InSAR
Using EO to understand tectonic processes
Using EO to understand volcanic processes
Lorenzo Bruzonne (University of Trento)
Change detection
  • Change detection in multispectral images
  • Change detection in SAR images
  • Challenges in change detection
Amos Lawless (University of Reading)
Data assimilation: Introduction and basic principles.
Practical algorithms for data assimilation
Applications of data assimilation and current challenges
Antonello Provenzale (CNR)
Earth System Modelling 1: Global and regional climate models, climate downscaling
Earth System Modelling 2: Ecosystem Modelling
Earth System Modelling 3: Coupled Geosphere-Biosphere Modelling
Jean-Philippe Gastellu-Etchegorry (CESBIO)
Earth System Monitoring & Modelling
  • Physics of Remote Sensing
  • Hyperspectral
  • Advanced Remote Sensing
Michel Van Roozendael (BIRA-IASB)
Remote sensing of the atmospheric composition
Ozone variability and long-term changes
Global air quality monitoring from space
Phil Browne (University Of Reading), Adam El-Said (University Of Reading), Nicola Pounder (Assimila), Jose Gomez (University College London)
Data assimilation practicals
Chris Stewart (RSAC c/o ESA), Michael Foumelis (RSAC c/o ESA), Andrea Minchella (Satellite Applications Catapult), Zina Mitraka (FORTH), Valborg Byfield (University of Southampton), Eleni Tzortzi (University of Exeter)
Remote sensing practicals (SNAP toolbox)
Earth Observation practicals (LearnEO!)