Minimize Programme - EO Summer School 7 - 2014
EO Summer School 7 - Participants
Shubha Sathyendranath (Plymouth Marine Laboratory)
Ocean colour: an introduction
Ocean colour as an essential climate variable
Remote sensing of marine primary production
Michael Buchwitz (University of Bremen)
Greenhouse gas observations from space: Why and how?
Greenhouse gas observations from space: Results from ESA's GHG-CCI project
Greenhouse gas observations from space: Proposed future mission CarbonSat
Pierre Briole (CNRS)
Remote sensing of volcanoes
Basics of the modelling of the ground deformations produced by an earthquake
Precise kinematic GPS: method and applications
Annett Bartsch (Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich)
Active microwave remote sensing of land surface hydrology
Time series analyses in active microwave remote sensing
Remote sensing applications for permafrost studies
Ana Iglesias (University of Madrid)
Looking into the future of food production in a changing climate
Drought Early Warning Systems in Africa
Adaptation of water resources to climate change: Learning studies
Ronald Kwok (Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
Remote sensing of sea ice
Ice kinematics
Ice thickness from satellites
Alan O'Neill (University of Reading)
Data Assimilation for Earth System Science: introductory ideas and basic principles
Practical algorithms in data assimilation
Data assimilation in practice: synthesising EO data for science and operational needs
Sean Healy (ECMWF)
Satellite Data for Numerical Weather Prediction 1
Satellite Data for Numerical Weather Prediction 2
Using an Ensemble Data Assimilations technique to estimate the impact of new observations
David Lary (University of Texas at Dallas)
Aerial Vehicles, Machine Learning and Remote Sensing
Machine Learning for Scientific Applications
Machine Learning for Societal Applications
Claude Duguay (University of Waterloo)
Lake ice cover and surface water temperature I: Role and response in lake-climate interactions
Lake ice cover and surface water temperature II: Satellite remote sensing
Lake ice cover and surface water temperature III: Numerical modelling
John Remedios (University of Leicester)
Observing climate I: surface temperatures
Observing climate II: atmosphere gas profiles
Observing climate III: integrated systems
Iarla Kilbane-Dawe (AEA)
Satellite Oceanography: Ocean Salinity
Putting innovation into practice
DA (Data Assimilation) Practicals
Effect of statistical analysis parameters Melanie Ades
4D-Var and incremental 4D-Var Phil Browne
Ensemble and extended Kalman filters Polly Smith
Student Projects Javier Amezcua
RS (Remote Sensing) and EO (Earth Observation) Practicals
ESA Toolbox
Burnt area mapping - Fire detection
Chris Stewart
ESA Toolbox
Oil spill mapping- Agriculture monitoring
Flood mapping (exercise PDF) - Flood mapping (data)
Fabrizio Ramoino
Learn EO Val Byfield
Learn EO David Poulter