Minimize Programme - EO Summer School 1 - 2003

Alan O'Neill (DARC)

DA theory (introduction)
Data Assimilation overview

Bruno Carli (CNR-IFAC)

Emission limb sounders (MIPAS)
Radiative transfer theory (pure-gas atmosphere)
Retrieval for emission limb sounders

Boris Khattatov (NCAR)

DA & chemistry theory
Chemical assimilation
Assimilation in the Earth's ionosphere

Claus Zehner (ESA)

ERS-2/Envisat atmospheric data quality

Dominique Fonteyn (BIRA-IASB)

Chemical forecasts
Data evaluation

Erkki Kyrölä (FMI)

Occultation limb sounders (GOMOS)
Radiative transfer theory (refractive atmosphere)
Retrieval for occultation limb sounders

François Bouttier (Meteo France)

DA techniques (variational)
DA & observation error
Confronting models with data prepared

Gilles Sommeria (WCRP)

Use of satellite data for climate research in WCRP projects

Hendrik Elbern (University of Koeln)

DA & tropospheric chemistry
Pollution studies

Henk Eskes (KNMI)

DA techniques (Kalman filter)
Ozone assimilation and ozone forecasts

Hennie Kelder (KNMI)

Atmospheric models (CTMs)
Chemistry-climate coupling

Henri Laur (ESA)

Envisat overview

John Burrows (University of Bremen)

Nadir sounders (GOME/SCIAMACHY)
Radiative transfer theory (scattering effects)
Retrieval for nadir sounders

Tony McNally (ECMWF)

Operational satellites & NWP
Radiance assimilation

William Lahoz (DARC)

Atmospheric models (GCMs)
Assessment of future missions
Synergy of Envisat data
DA challenges

Mark Doherty (ESA)

Closing speech
Minimize Practicals

EO Data Processing Practicals

Data Assimilation Practicals