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Dr Lena Halounová
Head of Remote Sensing Laboratory (RSL)
Department of Mapping and Cartography
Faculty of Civil Engineering
Czech Technical University
Thakurova 7, 166 29, Prague 6
Czech Republic

Tel. + 420 22435 4952
Email: lena.halounova (at)



Dr Lena Halounová received her Ing. (civil engineer) at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Czech Technical University Prague, branch Water Constructions and Water Management in 1980 and PhD. (Three-dimensional nonstationary flow in open channels) at the same faculty in 1989. She has been employed in the Remote Sensing Laboratory, Fac. of CE, CTU in Prague since 1985.

She defended her habilitation on the topic of automated classification of black and white aerial photographs and radar data at CTU in Prague in 2005.



Activities in Education

Lena Halounová is a head of the Remote Sensing Laboratory (RSL) of the department of mapping and cartography at the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the Czech Technical University in Prague, and education background includes:

  • Geographical information systems
  • Digital image data processing
  • Remote sensing


Selected publications

4 reviewed journal papers
75 conference papers

Halounová, L., Dixon, R., Pokrant, H., Strnad, D., van Wyngaarden, R., Kolář, V., Cícha, V.: RADARSAT Imaging of the 1997 Czech Republic Flood, Special publication No 28 of the Intern. Assoc. of Sedimentologists. Edited by N.D. Smith and J. Rogers. Blackwell Science, 1999, ISBN 0632053542, str. 71 - 76.

Halounová, L. Use of remote sensing in monitoring river floods and their effects on the landscape. In: Flood and Megaflood Processes and Deposits: Recent and Ancient Examples. Special Publication 32 of the International association of Sedimentologists
Edited by I. P. Martini, Victor. R. Baker and G. Garzón. Blackwell Science, ISBN 0-632-06404-8. 2002

Dal Moro G. & Halounova L. Haze Removal for High-Resolution Satellite Data: a Case Study,
International Journal of Remote Sensing, 28, Issue 10 May 2007 , pages 2187-2205

Halounová, L.: Reclamation areas and their development studied by vegetation indices
International Journal of Digital Earth, Volume 1, Issue 1 January 2008 , pages 155 – 164

Halounová, L.: Landslide Risk Assessment Maps Using GIS Tools. 2 International Sympozium on Operationalization of Remote Sensing. Delft: Technical University of Delft. 1999. p. 1.

Halounová, L., Kalát, J.,Leden, T., Volf, S., 2003. GIS for creation of geodynamic model of mining areas, konference Digital Earth, Brno, Czech Republic – 21.- 25. 9. 2003, Proc. edited by Milan Konečný, ISBN 80-210-3223-5, str. 266-271

Halounová, L., 2004. Textural classification of B&W aerial photos for forest classification, 23rd EARSeL Symposium, 2 –5 June, 2003, Gent, Belgium, Proc. Of the 23rd symposium of the European Association of Remote Sensing Laboratories, pp. 173-180, edited by Rudi Goossens, Millpress Rotterdam 2004, ISBN 90 5966 007 2

Halounová, L., Horák, J., Hanzlová, M., Unucka, J. : Classification of temporal changes in SPOT data for rainfall-runoff models. International symp. GIS Ostrava 2008, 27. – 30. 1. 2008 Ostrava, CD ROM

Halounová, L., Dolanský, T.3D models of trees for the Discrete Anisotropic Radiative Transfer model. 28th EARSeL symposium, Istanbul June 2008. Proceedings in press.

Halounová, L., Švec, M,. Horák , J., Unucka, J., Hanzlová, M., Juříkovská, L. ERS data for rainfall-runoff models. 28th EARSeL symposium, Istanbul June 2008. Proceedings in press.

Halounová, L., Švec, M,. Horák , J., Unucka, J., Hanzlová, M., Juříkovská, L. Improvement of rainfall-runoff models using optical and radar remote sensing data. XXI congress of ISPRS. China 3 – 11 2008



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