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GSEP (GOCE-Swarm Exploration Platform) is an online client tool designed to select GOCE and Swarm products, display them on a virtual globe and disseminate views of them.

The tool does not require any software or plug-in installation. To access the application, you must have a recent web browser, further details are available in the GSEP User Manual.

In order to search data, you need to specify a time interval and a dataset. Once GOCE/Swarm products have been listed, they can be added on the layer stack and displayed. The physical measure, its scale and the display colour of the selected data can be set according to your needs and will then appear on the VtWeb virtual globe.

GSEP is predominantly a GOCE tool that has some uses for the Swarm community.

Access GSEP

Visit the web version of GSEP

GSEP client screenshot



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