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Previous GUT releases

GUT releases

28 April 2014 - GOCE User Toolbox 2.2

The feature set of version 2.2 was:

  • Corrected bug that produced NaN in the calculation of Legendre polynomials for degree/order above 1024
  • Geostrophic North Velocity corrected sine for cosine
  • Added workflow to calculate Simple Bouguer Anomaly

02 December 2011 - GUT Software v2.1

This update complemented the a priori Data Package and included the addition of the Variance/Covariance Matrix Tool. The new features of this GUT Package were:

  • The GUT a priori Data Package was extended with the addition of the Third Release GOCE Gravity Models (Direct and Time-Wise only)
  • The GUT a priori Data Package has been extended with the addition of CNES CLS 2011 MSS Model
  • The GUT Package now includes the Variance/Covariance Matrix Tool (version 1.0)

07 July 2011 - GOCE User Toolbox 2.1

The feature set of version 2.1 included:

  • Corrected geoidheightcorrection_gf workflow removing scaling factor
  • Added unit scaling when ingesting Spherical Harmonic Functions
  • Corrected bug in along-track filtering that produced spikes
  • Bail out if NetCDF file comes with wrong ordering of lat/lon axis (min-max)
  • Improved reading of ICGEM Format
  • Included updated version of the GUT Tutorial

23 March 2011 - GOCE User Toolbox 2.0

Version 2.0 augmented the previous release providing:

  • support for IGCEM Format
  • support for multi-data netCDF
  • anisotropic spatial filtering over grid or transect
  • bicubic spline interpolation
  • removal of scalar bias from a grid/transect
  • adjustment of geoid heights in spectral domain by height correction terms
  • calculation of geostrophic velocities in magnitude and direction
  • handling of time-system attribute for time-varying surfaces
  • handling of command history
  • enhancement of the statistic tools

Further, the data package with this version included the official second release of the GOCE earth gravity models (GOCE HPF EGM_GOC_2).

23 August 2010 - GOCE User Toolbox 1.10

Release 1.1 supported parsing of FORTRAN formatted floating point numbers syntax in GOCE L2 EGM_GOC_2_ product.

The first release of GOCE L2 EGM_GOC_2 product (presented at ESA's 2010 Living Planet symposium) were included by default in all packages from this version onwards.

For more information on first release of GOCE Data or to know how to download the first release, please click here

In such releases, the 2010 MDT/MSS models from CNES/CLS and DNSC/DTU are part of the GUT Data Package.

15 April 2009 - GOCE User Toolbox 1.00

The first GUT public release.