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Discover and download the Earth observation data you need from the broad catalogue of missions the European Space Agency operate and support.

  • Data - Fast Registration with approval (Restrained)

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    QuickBird-2 ESA archive

    The QuickBird-2 archive collection consists of QuickBird-2 products requested by ESA supported projects over their areas of interest around the world. The dataset regularly grows as ESA collects new products over the years. Panchromatic (up to 61 cm resolution) and 4-Bands (up to nominal value of 2.44 m resolution, reduced to 1.63 m when the orbit altitude was lowered to 300 km at the end of the mission) products are available. The 4-Bands includes various options such as Multispectral (separate channel for Blue, Green, Red, NIR1), Pan-sharpened (Blue, Green, Red, NIR1), Bundle (separate bands for PAN, Blue, Green, Red, NIR1), Natural Colour (pan-sharpened Blue, Green, Red), Coloured Infrared (pan-sharpened Green, Red, NIR1), Natural Colour / Coloured Infrared (3-Band pan-sharpened). The processing levels are: STANDARD (2A): normalised for topographic relief View Ready Standard (OR2A): ready for orthorectification View Ready Stereo: collected in-track for stereo viewing and manipulation Map-Ready (Ortho) 1:12,000 Orthorectified: additional processing unnecessary Map-Ready (Ortho) 1:15,000 Orthorectified: additional processing unnecessary Spatial coverage: Check the spatial coverage of the collection on a map available on the Third Party Missions Dissemination Service. The following table summarises the offered product types EO-SIP product type Band Combination Description BGI_PAN_2A Panchromatic (PAN) Panchromatic Standard/Panchromatic Ortho Ready Standard BGI_PAN_MP Panchromatic (PAN) Panchromatic Map Scale Ortho BGI_PAN_OR Panchromatic (PAN) Panchromatic Ortho Ready Stereo BGI_4B__2A 4-Band (4B) 4-Band Standard/4-band Ortho Ready Standard BGI_4B__MP 4-Band (4B) 4-Band Map Scale Ortho BGI_4B__OR 4-Band (4B) 4-Band Ortho Ready Stereo

  • Data - Project Proposal (Restrained)

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    QuickBird full archive

    QuickBird high resolution optical products are available as part of the Maxar Standard Satellite Imagery products from the QuickBird, WorldView-1/-2/-3/-4, and GeoEye-1 satellites. All details about the data provision, data access conditions and quota assignment procedure are described into the Terms of Applicability available in Resources section. In particular, QuickBird offers archive panchromatic products up to 0.60 m GSD resolution and 4-Bands Multispectral products up to 2.4 m GSD resolution. Band Combination Data Processing Level Resolution Panchromatic and 4-bands Standard(2A)/View Ready Standard (OR2A) 15 cm HD, 30 cm HD, 30 cm, 40 cm, 50/60 cm View Ready Stereo 30 cm, 40 cm, 50/60 cm Map-Ready (Ortho) 1:12,000 Orthorectified 15 cm HD, 30 cm HD, 30 cm, 40 cm, 50/60 cm 4-Bands being an option from: 4-Band Multispectral (BLUE, GREEN, RED, NIR1) 4-Band Pan-sharpened (BLUE, GREEN, RED, NIR1) 4-Band Bundle (PAN, BLUE, GREEN, RED, NIR1) 3-Bands Natural Colour (pan-sharpened BLUE, GREEN, RED) 3-Band Colored Infrared (pan-sharpened GREEN, RED, NIR1) Natural Colour / Coloured Infrared (3-Band pan-sharpened) Native 30 cm and 50/60 cm resolution products are processed with MAXAR HD Technology to generate respectively the 15 cm HD and 30 cm HD products: the initial special resolution (GSD) is unchanged but the HD technique intelligently increases the number of pixels and improves the visual clarity achieving aesthetically refined imagery with precise edges and well reconstructed details.