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TanSat AGCS and CAPI products now available for users

17 Feb 2023

In the framework of Earthnet’s Third Party Missions Programme, ESA is opening a new TanSat collection to users, freely accessible and available worldwide upon submission of a fast registration.

The primary research goal of the TanSat mission is to monitor the variation of CO2 on a seasonal and global scale, understanding how it contributes to climate change. The satellite hosts two instruments:

  • ACGS (Atmospheric Carbon-dioxide Grating Spectrometer), dedicated to measurements of the near-infrared absorption by CO2.
  • CAPI (Cloud Aerosol Polarization Imager), devoted to studying cloud and aerosols in high-resolution; its data allow to compensate the errors in the measurement of CO2.
First global SIF product by TanSat (July 2017). Copyright: AIRCAS-CAS.
First global SIF product by TanSat (July 2017). Copyright: AIRCAS-CAS.

The available ACGS products (L1A and L1B) have a temporal coverage between March 2017 and January 2020 and the CAPI products (L1A, L1B and L2) are available in a time range from July 2019 and January 2020 (not all days included in the time frame in both cases).

For more details, please visit the dedicated data collection page.



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