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Swarm Equatorial Electric Field (EEF) Level-2 products now available

04 Sep 2019

A new baseline of the Equatorial Electric Field (EEFxTMS_2F) L2 product was released on 4 September 2019. This product contains the eastward Equatorial Electric Field (EEF) estimated from magnetometer measurements of each Swarm spacecraft as they cross the magnetic equator.

This is done by recovering a clean signal of the Equatorial Electrojet current (EEJ) and modelling the observed current to determine the electric field present during the satellite pass. Both the EEF and EEJ data are provided in the Level-2 product.

The new data is contained in the EEFxTMS_2F files, located temporarily in folder: /Advanced/EEF/Sat_x on the Swarm dissemination server.

At present, the files are available for each of the three Swarm satellites for the period from the beginning of the mission to 15 August 2019.

For more information on the contents of this data product please refer to the Level 2 Data Handbook.