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Spot Extended Area mode added to ICEYE on-demand portfolio

28 Jul 2022

As an evolution of Spot mode, SLEA (Spot Extended Area) products are now available with the same resolution of Spot data (ground resolution of 1 m) but enabling to cover the area of 225 km2 (15 x 15 km) in a single SAR image.

The ICEYE Constellation, developed and operated by ICEYE, has been part of the Third Party Missions (TPMs) Programme since 2020. It consists of 21 satellites successfully launched since 2018, 18 of which are available for commercial data users.

For scientific research and application development, ESA offers access to the full archive and new tasking of ICEYE data upon submission and acceptance of a project proposal. Please see the data description for more information on the available ICEYE data, including the new SLEA mode.

Availability and restrictions to the use of the data are described in the ESA TPM Terms and Conditions and in the ICEYE Terms of Applicability document.


Changi Airport, Singapore, and vessels nearby. Copyright: ICEYE


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