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Release of new Envisat DORIS Precise Orbit data

29 Sep 2021

A new version of the Envisat Precise Orbit products has been generated by the Centre de Traitement Doris Poseidon (CTDP) using the Geophysical Data Records F standards (GDR-F). The new dataset (DOR_VOR_AX vF) is now available to users in Envisat format from the ESA dissemination service.
Access to the Precise Orbit data is provided upon Registration.

The new DOR_VOR vF dataset is covering the full mission archive from 09/04/2002 to 08/04/2012. Users are recommended to apply the new GDR-F version, but the previous datasets are still available (i.e. GDR-D and GDR-E versions).

The most significant changes related to the GDR-F standards concern the new ocean tide model (FES2014) and the updated Terrestrial Reference Frame (ITRF2014). The new standards significantly improve all Precise Orbit Determination (POD) metrics; with respect to GDR-E, the mean difference and variance of Sea Surface Height (SSH) at crossovers is slightly reduced.

See further details in the Readme file for Envisat DORIS Precise Orbit Determination files.

Comparison of DORIS GDR E and F Standards

Comparison of Envisat Sea Level Anomaly trends obtained using DORIS Precise Orbit GDR-E and F standards. North/South patterns are evident. Credits: CNES/CLS.