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Overview of Aeolus Level-2b scientific wind data

24 Oct 2023

ESA's Aeolus mission operated from 22 August 2018 to 30 April 2023, and acquired novel observations of global wind profiles using its Doppler Wind Lidar, ALADIN.

ALADIN (Atmospheric Laser Doppler Instrument) provided separate measurements in Rayleigh and Mie channels, representing molecular (clear air) and particulate (aerosol and clouds) backscatter, respectively.

The Level-2b wind product is a geo-located consolidated HLOS (Horizontal Line-of-Sight) wind observation with actual atmospheric temperature and pressure correction applied to both Rayleigh and Mie channels. The product was provided in near real-time during Aeolus' operational lifetime, providing valuable information to support weather forecasts among other applications.

Learn more about the Level-2b wind product in our latest infographic:


Overview of Aeolus Level-2b scientific wind data
Download the Infographic


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