New SMOS Level 1 Near Real Time processing baseline released

03 Aug 2021

A new version of the SMOS level 1 Near Real Time processor - version 724 - was deployed in the operational ground segment on 2 August 2021.

This version implements the same algorithm as the nominal processor, which was upgraded on 25 May 2021.

The algorithm evolutions implemented in version 724 and the main improvements in the quality of the SMOS level 1 Near Real Time products are the same as the nominal product and are summarised in the read-me-first note .

The updated version of the product specification for the SMOS level 1 Near Real Time products: Earth Explorer and BUFR format are available in the data description

This new dataset supersedes the previous dataset generated by the algorithm baseline version 6, so we encourage you to use this and to consult the read-me-first note carefully to ensure optimum exploitation of the new SMOS dataset.