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New reprocessed Landsat data on a new dissemination server

12 Feb 2021

The full ESA Landsat archive has been reprocessed with the latest version of the processor (3.08) to provide a homogenous dataset covering MSS, TM and ETM+ data (up to L1GT where possible). This archive is data available on the new ESA Landsat Online Dissemination Service.

Searches based on Area of Interest and metadata are possible through the SO-CAT catalogue.

Three collections are available:

The collections contain data acquired by ESA ground stations (Fucino, Matera, Kiruna, Neustrelitz and Maspalomas - according to the period) in cooperation with USGS, and cover Europe, the North Pole, North Africa and the Middle East, in addition to some areas in Central Africa and Central America as part of ESA campaign data.

The production is still ongoing, and new products will be progressively delivered in the following weeks as soon as they have passed Quality Control.

The former Landsat Dissemination System (LDS) is being dismissed.