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MOS-1/1B MESSR and VTIR data products now available

05 Dec 2023

Following the MOS Bulk Processing Campaign, MOS-1/1B MESSR (Multi-spectral Electronic Self-Scanning Radiometer) and VTIR (Visible and Thermal Infrared Radiometer) level 1 data products are now available via the ESA Online Dissemination Service.

The MOS (Marine Observation Satellite) Constellation, made up of MOS-1 and 1B, were Japan's first marine observation satellites, owned and operated by NASDA (National Space Development Agency of Japan). MOS-1 and 1B launched in February 1987 and February 1990, and finished their operations in November and April 1996, respectively.

MOS-1 Image
MOS-1 image

Details of the available MESSR and VTIR data products, related documentation, and how to access the data can be found on the following data collection pages:

MOS-1/1B products are freely accessible in accordance with ESA’s Earth observation data policy. An active EO Sign In account is required to download the products. For support with data access, please contact EOHelp.