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Introducing the newest Third Party Mission: ICEYE

10 Jun 2021

ESA's Earth Observation Programme Board has approved the integration of the ICEYE mission, as a Third Party Mission (TPM) within the framework of the ESA Earthnet programme.

All current ICEYE imaging modes are offered through the TPM Programme. Eligible users can get access to the very high-resolution Spot imaging mode covering areas of 25 km2, the high-resolution Strip and the recently launched Scan imaging mode covering areas of 10,000 km2, respectively.

Scan image of the Suez Canal acquired by ICEYE
Scan image of the Suez Canal (Egypt), acquired with an ICEYE SAR satellite. Credit: ICEYE

ICEYE's new Scan imaging is designed to facilitate activity pattern monitoring and change detection analysis over large areas with unprecedented frequency and coverage. To achieve the finest image quality of its Scan image, ICEYE employs a TOPSAR technique, which brings major benefits over the quality of the images obtained with conventional SCANSAR imaging.

For more information on the available ICEYE data, please see the data description.

Read more about the terms of applicability for accessing ICEYE data.



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