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About WorldView-3

WorldView-3 is an imaging and environment-monitoring satellite from Maxar of the United States which launched on 13 August 2014 and remains operational. It is very similar to WorldView-2 but positioned in a lower orbit.

Mission Parameters
Orbit Altitude617 km
Orbit TypeSun-synchronous
Orbit Period97 minutes
Revisit Time1 day at 1-metre GSD resolution
4.5 days at 20° off-nadir (0.59 m GSD)
Equator Crossing Time10:30am Descending node

WorldView-3 Objectives

WorldView-3 was the first mission to carry a multi-payload, super-spectral, high-resolution commercial satellite sensor. WorldView-3 is capable of collecting up to 680,000 km2 per day.

WorldView-3 Instruments

WorldView-110 camera (WV110)

This instrument collects images at 0.31 metre panchromatic and 1.24 metre in the eight VNIR bands, 3.7m in the eight SWIR bands and a 30 m resolution in the CAVIS (Clouds, Aerosols, Vapours, Ice and Snow) bands.

WorldView-3 has bands for enhanced multispectral analysis (coastal blue, yellow, red edge, NIR2) designed to improve segmentation and classification of land and aquatic features.

WV110 Parameters
Spectral rangeBand nameSpectral bandGSD (Ground Sample Distance)
Panchromatic Band (1)450 - 800 nmNadir: 0.31 m, 20º off-nadir: 0.34 m
MS (Multispectral) Bands (8)
in VNIR (Visible Near Infrared)
Coastal Blue400 - 450 nmNadir: 1.24 m
20º off-nadir: 1.38 m
Blue450 - 510 nm
Green510 - 580 nm
Yellow585 - 625 nm
Red630 - 690 nm
Red edge705 - 745 nm
Near-IR1770 - 895 nm
Near-IR2860 - 1040 nm
Multiband (8 bands) in SWIR
(Shortwave Infrared) spectral range
SWIR-11195 - 1225 nmNadir: 3.70 m
20º off-nadir: 4.10 m
SWIR-21550 - 1590 nm
SWIR-31640 - 1680 nm
SWIR-41710 - 1750 nm
SWIR-52145 - 2185 nm
SWIR-62185 - 2225 nm
SWIR-72235 - 2285 nm
SWIR-82295 - 2365 nm
CAVIS bands (12)
CAVIS (Clouds, Aerosols, Vapors, Ice, & Snow)
Desert clouds405 - 420 nmNadir: 30 m
Aerosols-1459 - 509 nm
Green525 - 585 nm
Aerosols-2620 - 670 nm
Water-1845 - 885 nm
Water-2897 - 927 nm
Water-3930 - 965 nm
NDVI-SWIR1220 - 1252 nm
Cirrus1350 - 1410 nm
Snow1620 - 1680 nm
Aerosol-32105 - 2245 nm
Aerosol-32105 - 2245 nm
Data quantization11 bit/pixel Pan and MS; 14 bit/pixel SWIR
Swath width13.1 km
Revisit frequency
(at 40º N latitude)
1 m GSD: < 1.0 day
4.5 days at 20° off-nadir or less
Geolocation accuracy< 3.0 m CE90 (Circular Error of 90%)

Non-scientific measuring instruments

CAVIS (Clouds, Aerosols, Vapours, Ice, and Snow): The objective of CAVIS is to monitor the atmosphere and provide correction data to improve WorldView-3's high-resolution imagery when it images Earth objects through haze, soot, dust or other obscurants.

WorldView-3 Data


These collections are available as part of the Maxar Standard Satellite Imagery products and are distributed by European Space Imaging (EUSI).

ESA will support as many high-quality and innovative projects as possible within the quota limit available, therefore only a limited amount of products can be made available to each project.

Moreover, ESA offers to registered users access through the Online Dissemination server to the following data collection: