Mission focus

WorldView-1 freed capacity on Maxar's QuickBird satellite to meet the growing commercial demand for multi-spectral geospatial imagery.

It is capable of collecting up to 750,000 square kilometres per day of half-metre imagery. 


WorldView-1 demonstrated that collecting sub 1 m imagery is possible and incredibly useful for a huge range of new applications, launching a new era in the remote sensing industry.

The satellite passes directly overhead Earth locations at approximately 13:30 hours local time. With its large telescope and sophisticated pointing technology, the satellite swings hundreds of kilometres to the east or west of its position, capturing locations in multiple time zones. With three other high-accuracy, high-resolution satellites in morning orbits, the Maxar constellation now gives customers the ability to see Earth anytime between 9:00 hours and 15:00 hours local time, double the previous daily access window when imaging can take place. 

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