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Workshop on Uncertainties in Remote Sensing

24-Oct - 25-Oct 2017

ESA/ESRIN, Frascati, Italy

The Quality Assurance Framework for Earth Observation (QA4EO) states "that all EO data and derived products have associated with them a documented and fully traceable quality indicator (QI)". In remote sensing, provision of uncertainty information is a fundamental aspect of indicating data quality: an uncertainty associated with a measurement is needed to allow proper interpretation and further application of data, both in scientific and decision-making contexts.


The objectives of this workshop were to:

  • make a status on the ‘state of the art' in Uncertainties in Remote Sensing,
  • present the theory of uncertainties in remote sensing,
  • discuss the meaning and the differences among different methodologies,
  • illustrate with current examples and discuss the limitations and the evolution,
  • discuss the validation of uncertainties,
  • get recommendations and discuss a roadmap for implementation in "operational" missions.



Highlights and Recommendations from the Workshop are available here.



The Workshop on Uncertainties in Remote Sensing was held in Magellan Room at ESA's centre for Earth observation ESRIN, in Frascati (20 km south of Rome):


Largo Galileo Galilei,

Casella Postale 64

00044 Frascati (Rome), Italy



Local organisationOrganisation committee
Philippe Goryl (ESA)Philippe Goryl (ESA)
Fabrizio Niro (Serco)Nigel Fox (NPL)
Georgia Doxani (Serco)Chris Merchant (University of Reading)
 Gareth Davies (Serco)
 Fabrizio Niro (Serco)
 Georgia Doxani (Serco)





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