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CEOS-IVOS Workshop on Inter-comparison of Large Scale Optical and Infrared Sensors

12-Oct - 14-Oct 2004

ESA/ESTEC, Noordwijk, Netherlands

With a view to the Earth's changing climate a close monitoring of our biosphere on a global level and continuous routine basis has become essential. Large-scale satellite sensors are a critical component to ensure reliable and continuous observations for that purpose. It is imperative that observations made by the different sensors are stable over time and consistent across sensor systems, enabling the synergistic combination of space-borne data from different sources leading to quantitative global data products derivable from multiple data sources.


The main goal of the workshop was to present and exchange experiences and knowledge from work on inter-comparing large scale optical sensors at different product levels. This included the evaluation and reduction of calibration bias and the validation of geophysical product uncertainties.


  • Inter-comparison of satellite optical sensors data;
  • Hyperspectral imaging instruments calibration and inter-comparison;
  • Inter-comparison of satellite derived Land Surface Temperatures;
  • Inter-comparison of infrared measurements over the ocean;
  • In-flight calibration methodologies;
  • Requirements for improvement of pre-launch satellite calibration;
  • Post-launch sensors inter-comparison and calibration over land, ocean and clouds;
  • Atmospheric correction procedures for optical and IR sensors;
  • Radiative transfer methods for forward simulation of satellite sensors measurements.


Workshop Contents - part 1 (104,0 MB)

Workshop Contents - part 2 (103,9 MB)

Workshop Contents - part 3 (52,3 MB)

Workshop on Inter-Comparison of Large Scale Optical and Infrared Sensors (11,4 MB)

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