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PROBA-V QWG meeting 10

23-Oct - 24-Oct 2019

Antwerp, Belgium

The 10th PROBA-V Quality Working Group (QWG) meeting took place in Antwerp, Belgium on 23 and 24 October 2019. The main discussion points for the meeting were:

  1. Mission Status: the Flight Segment and Ground Segment status is excellent after more than six years in space and all initial mission requirements were successfully met and largely exceeded. During the meeting the review of current mission performance focused on calibration and on the assessment of impact of the special acquisitions performed during summer 2019 in order to prepare the experimental scenarios for the mission extension.
  2. Mission extension: the extension strategy agreed at the previous QWG Meetings and approved at PB-EO was discussed. The main focus of discussion was to refine and prepare extension scenario, discussing exploitation and calibration approaches and brainstorming additional special acquisition campaigns for Science and Cal/Val purposes.
  3. Algorithms Baseline for C2: the development, implementation and validation of the new NN cloud screening and AC scheme for C2 is on-going following the agreed schedule. During the meeting, the status of the development was reviewed and the planning refined.
  4. Continuity: development and validation activities for the transition to Sentinel-3 are currently on going, the MPC is supporting CGLS during the transition; the status of these activities was reviewed during the meeting and the consistency with PROBA-V data discussed.

Download a summary of the Minutes of Meeting