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PROBA-V QWG meeting 11

25-Jun - 26-Jun 2020


The main discussion points for the QWG meeting #11 are recalled:

  1. Mission Status: the FG and GS status after more than 7 years in space is excellent and the primary objective of ensuring continuity to VGT data series bridging the gap to S3 was fully met. To prevent impact of orbital drift on the consistency of the long-term archive, it was decided to discontinue the operational mission by 30 June 2020; as from July 2020 the new experimental phase will start with a limited commitment on real-time delivery. During the meeting, the mission status will be reviewed with focus on calibration and data quality as well as on anomalies and performances expectation for the mission extension.
  2. Mission Experimental Phase: the new experimental phase will start on July 2020, the initial focus will be on acquiring data over Africa and Europe and preparing for the operations and exploitation of the Proba-V Companion Cubesat (PV-CC); the launch of the first PV-CC, carrying onboard a VNIR sensor identical to Proba-V, is expected for April 2021. During the meeting the extension scenario will be presented, the proposals for Science and Cal/Val experiments reviewed and the Cal/Val and Exploitation plan for the PV-CC mission discussed.
  3. Algorithm baseline for C2: the development and validation of the NN cloud screening are completed and the relevant module is ready for the processing. The development of the new AC scheme is on-going in close collaboration between HYGEOS and VITO. During the meeting, the progress status, the integration tests and validation results will be reviewed. As a result of the discussion the baseline will be fine tuned and consolidated and the reprocessing plan agreed.
  4. Continuity: the validation activities for the transition to Sentinel-3 are on-going, their status will be reviewed during the meeting. CGLS products will be continued with Proba-V until June 2020 and starting from July 2020 all NRT production of biophysical variables will be based on Sentinel-3 input data. S-3 based products will be initially released in demonstration mode and in parallel a QA will be carried out to assess their quality. As soon as a give product will reach a good quality status it will be delivered in operational mode.