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Envisat Validation Workshop 2002

09-Dec - 13-Dec 2002

ESA/ESRIN, Frascati, Italy

The workshop covered various aspects of validation of the Envisat instruments.


Click on the links below to download the archives from the workshop.

  1. Atmospheric Chemistry Validation:
  2. MERIS Validation (26,4 MB)
    • Level 2 Algorithms Verification
    • Radiative Transfer Code Intercomparison
    • Water Vapour and Cloud
    • Vegetation
    • Case 1 Water Products Validation
    • Case 2 Water Products Validation
    • Early Results 
  3. AATSR Validation (4,14 MB)
  4. Altimetry (9,64 MB)
    • Approach and Objections -RA2, MWR, Doris
    • Absolute Calibration Altimetry
    • Cross-Calibration and Product Validation 
  5. ASAR (19,6 MB)
    • Instrument and Processor Performance
    • Product Quality Update
    • Wave Mode Validation and Summary


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