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Atmospheric Science Conference 2009

07-Sep - 11-Sep 2009

Barcelona, Spain

The European Space Agency organised a Scientific Conference on the topical theme atmosphere to provide scientists and data users with the opportunity to present first-hand and up-to-date results from their ongoing research activities on the atmospheric payload of the satellites ERS-2 and Envisat as well as ESA Third Party Missions on board the EOS-AURA, ACE, Odin and GOSAT satellites.

The conference included discussions on applications, data quality, the development of new algorithms/data products, and studies on future atmospheric missions.


The objectives of the Atmospheric Science Conference 2009 were to:

  • Provide a forum for ESA Principal Investigators to present results of AO and Cat1 projects
  • Provide a forum for knowledge exchange of scientists using atmospheric satellite measurements
  • Inform data users about instrument performance, data processing and product quality
  • Discuss various aspects of the data ordering process, data analysis and interpretation
  • Demonstrate the synergistic use of different atmospheric instruments
  • Demonstrate the synergistic use of atmospheric and optical instruments (e.g. AATSR/SCIAMACHY)
  • Formulate recommendations for algorithm development


The conference themes were:

  • Data Quality
  • Troposphere/Air Quality
  • Greenhouse Gases
  • Stratosphere
  • Upper Atmosphere
  • Cloud/Aerosols
  • Applications/Data Assimilation
  • Future Mission Studies


Workshop files:

Day 1, Monday 7 September 2009 (42,3 MB)

Day 2, Tuesday 8 September 2009 (72,1 MB)

Day 3, Wednesday 9 September 2009 (30,6 MB)

Day 4, Thursday 10 September 2009 (74,2 MB)

Day 5, Friday 11 September 2009 (15,9 MB)


Download event programme


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