The official language of this conference is English. The conference will be organised around: Oral and poster presentations selected by the Organising Committee Plenary discussions and round tables ADM-Aeolus Cal/Val rehearsal evaluation

Programme (28-30 March )
Day 1: Tuesday, 28 March 2017


Registration and coffe


Opening session (Chairs: A. Stoffelen and A. G. Straume)


H. Laur 


Welcome + ESA's Earth Explorer missions and their CAL/VAL


M. Pontaud 


Welcome and MétéoFrance EO activities


P. Tabary


CNES EO activities

10:45 E. Källén ECMWF
11:05 A. Elfving ESA-ESTEC
11:25 J. Lochard ADS
11:45 J. Brewster ADS
12:05 F. de Bruin ESA-ESTEC
12:20 O. Reitebuch and A. Dabas DLR / MeteoFrance
12:40 M. Rennie , J. de Kloe and G.J. Marseille ECMWF/ KNMI/KNMI




Lake and Coastal Session (1/2) - Chair: P. Kowalczuk


P. Martinet and A. Benedetti


Aeolus L2A optical properties product and assimilation in air quality models


ESA Data distribution, Data quality, Tools and CAL/VAL Rehearsal (Chairs: A. Benedetti and T. Kanitz)

14:20 F. Buscaglione ESA-ESRIN
14:40 J. von Bismarck ESA-ESRIN
15:00 S. Niemeijer S&T
15:15 G. Costa ESA-ESRIN
15:30 A.M. Fjaeraa NILU
15:45 D. Schuettemeyer ESA-ESTEC


Coffee Break and Poster session

16:30 - 16:40 M. Pinol Sole ESA-ESTEC
16:40-18:00 Chairs: F. Buscaglione and I. Di Lodovico


Ice Breaker and Poster Session


Programme (29 March)
Day 2: Wednesday 29 March


Aeolus Operational Phase and CAL/VAL AO Proposal overview (Chairs: S. Melo and J. von Bismarck)

08:30 W. Lengert ESA-ESRIN
09:00 A. Dabas MeteoFrance
09:10 J. Pelon IPSL
09:20 A. Apituley KNMI
09:30 M. Hardesty UoC / NOAA
09:40 A. Apituley KNMI
09:50 A. Stoffelen KNMI
10:00 H. Schyberg
10:10 M. Gausa Andoyaspace
10:20 O. Reitebuch DLR


Coffee Break and poster session


Aeolus Operational Phase and CAL/VAL AO Proposal overview (cont.) (Chairs: M. Hardesty and D. Schuettemeyer)

11:00 A. Cress DWD
11:10 U. Wandinger Tropos
11:20 S. Wu, X. Song Ocean University of China
11:30 G.J. Fochesatto University of Alaska Fairbanks
11:40 M. Forsythe MetOffice
11:50 S. Ishii NICT
12:00 S. Melo Environment Canada
12:10 P. Kushner UoT
12:20 H. R. Mohammadi Khalesi Fard IASBS
12:30 A.G. Straume ESA-ESTEC




Splinter working groups

14:00-15:30 (continuing Thursday morning)

Chair, secretary:

A. O. Reitebuch,
A. Straume B. A. Dabas,
D. Schuettemeyer C. U. Wandinger,
T. Kanitz D. H. Körnich,
J. von Bismarck

  1. A. Aeolus CAL/VAL Requirements review and CAL/VAL activity gap analysis B.
  2. Wind products: Protocols for the comparison of space-borne products with airborne and ground-based observations and models C.
  3. Aerosol/cloud products: Protocols for the comparison of space-borne products with airborne and ground-based observations and models D. Grouping of CAL/VAL activities according to scientific or technical themes
15:30-15:55 A. Hertzog LMD Stratéole-2
16:00-18:30 Visit to CNES Balloon site
20:00 Joint dinner at restaurant in Toulouse city centre (dinner tickets can be purchased during workshop registration)


Programme (30 March)
Day 3: Thursday 30 March
08:30-10:30 Chair, secretary: see Wednesday PM   Summaries of Wednesday discussions will be distributed Splinter working groups A) – D) continued


Coffee, posters and discussions workshop participants

10:30-11:30 Session and Panel chairs (closed meeting)  
  • Panel chairs and secretaries summarizing their WG discussions
  • Session chairs summarizing Q&A and discussions from Mo and Tue sessions
11:00-11:30 Panel A) – D) chairs Session chairs  

Summary of Panel discussions Summary of sessions

Panel A
Panel B
Panel C
Panel D

12:30– 13:00 E. Källén, P. Tabary, and P. Ingmann  

Historical ovetview
Workshop Wrap-up




Aeolus Mission Advisory Group meeting (closed meeting)