12:45-18:00  Earth structure/system and processes (core, core/mantle boundary and deep mantle)
Roger Haagmans Introduction to the meeting
Jörg Ebbing A 3D Earth perspective on the 4D deep Earth
Dominique Jault Simplified models of Earth's core dynamics and core-mantle coupling: informations expected from ongoing satellite observations
Julien Aubert Numerical geodynamo modelling in the light of satellite data: results and challenges
Chris Finley Satellite magnetic field observations as a tool for studying the Earth's core: Opportunities and Challenges
Phil Livermore "Imaging rapid dynamics within the Earth's core
Andres Santiago The coupling between the Earth's rotational and inertial eigenmodes: The role of topography
Arwen Duess Imaging the Earth as a planet


  09:30-12:30  Earth structure/system and processes: continued presentations from first day
Bart Root Effects of deep structures in geoid, gravity and gravity gradients
Bernhard Steinberger Mantle flow, dynamic topography and the role of the crustal corrections for deep-Earth geophysics
Amir Khan On Earth's mantle constitution and structure from joint analysis of geophysical and laboratorybased data: An example
Alexey Kuvshinov EM sounding of deep Earth from space and ground. Progress status and challenges
Clint Conrad Addressing Outstanding Problems in Deep Earth Dynamics Using Data and Models


  14:00-18:00  Breakout groups
Report Core Breakout group 1: Modelling and data aspects and modelling needs in the context of the meeting (core aspects)
Report Deep mantle Breakout group 2: Modelling and data aspects and modelling needs in the context of the meeting (core/mantle: 3D -> 4D Earth)


09:30-13:00  Conclusions
Presentations of the breakout groups (core; core/mantle)
Joint round table discussion


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