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3rd International GOCE User Workshop

06-Nov - 08-Nov 2006

ESA/ESRIN, Frascati, Italy

This workshop focussed on the oceanographic applications, such as absolute dynamic topography, of GOCE data in conjunction with other space-borne data, such as radar altimetry, and in-situ data and models. Information was also provided on the technical and programmatic status of the GOCE Project.

The Workshop was open to all scientists with an interest in exploiting GOCE gravity data products. Preparations were underway in the international scientific community for exploitation of GOCE gravity data along with other geodetic and oceanographic data sources. Resulting high-precision geoid data are expected to have an impact in Oceanography, Solid-Earth Physics, Geodesy, Glaciology and Climate change research.

The goal of the GOCE mission is to deliver a high-precision and high resolution global gravity field model, as well as global gridded geoid heights and gravity anomalies to the scientific community. ESA is presently coordinating efforts to produce validated high-resolution gravity and geoid models. Various groups and consortia throughout Europe have also expressed an interest in development of either level 2 or 3 products, and in pursuing GOCE-related research.


This workshop provided a forum for presenting progress on the development of:

  • Satellite and its payload
  • Ground Segment up to level 1
  • Level 1-2 Data Processing
  • Level 3 Data Product developments
  • GOCE Data Exploitation preparations
  • GOCE National and EC project Activities.

Workshop files

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