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3rd APVE: Arctic and high-latitude product Validation and Evolution Workshop

15-May - 16-May 2018

Yellowknife, Canada

Linking Arctic User Information Requirements and Earth Observation Product Evolution

15-16 May 2018, Yellowknife, NWT (Canada)

The 3nd Arctic Products Validation and Evolution (APVE) workshop will focus on understanding the information needs of community-level users.  We hope to hear from groups tasked with addressing issues that affect Arctic environments and the people who live there.  The emphasis will be on fundamental issues such as wildlife populations and behavior, habitat changes, human access and food security.  Recognizing that each of these topics could fill its own workshop, APVE III will focus on Arctic wildlife (terrestrial and marine), considering the impacts of both climate change and human activity. Representatives from the pan-Arctic data user community will come together to discuss current and future information needs and discuss how EO-derived data can be of assistance.



In the interest of communicating directly with user groups, LOOKNorth, the Canadian Space Agency (CSA), and European Space Agency (ESA) are hosting a two-day workshop to hear directly from groups whose interests and activities are linked to the wellbeing of Arctic environments and who may have use for information that can be derived from satellite imagery. The primary focus of the workshop will be to understand what these users need to know about mammal populations, mammal habitat and the impacts climate change and human activity are having on them.

The workshop will draw from a broad range of indigenous community, government and industry end users to identify the information they need about marine and terrestrial mammals.  The workshop will include presentations on current Arctic EO-related research and applications, providing context for focused workshop discussion of user needs and opportunities for potential new uses of EO data, capacity-building support programs and planning for future satellite missions.



  • To understand issues critical to Northern communities and groups, related to land and marine mammal populations, behavior, habitat, etc.
  • To understand key interactions between human and wildlife populations, in terms of both ecosystem disturbance (as a cause) and food security (as an effect)
  • To identify key information needed to support high-latitude mammal research
  • To learn how EO data is currently being used in mammal research and management


Expected outcomes

  • Delineation of marine and land mammal observation data requirements
  • Delineation of data requirements for habitat characterization and environment description
  • Definition of key regions of interest and key periods for data collection
  • Identification of potential education/training programs to support community-level adoption of EO data-based monitoring, capacity building, etc.

Schedule and Deadlines

1st Workshop Announcement

3 April 2018

Preliminary programme

Mid April 2018

Registration to the Workshop

11 May 2018





Organisation committee
Ola Grabek, European Space Agency (Italy)
Georgia Doxani, Serco for European Space Agency (Italy)
Yves Crevier, Canadian Space Agency (Canada)
Guy Aubé,  Canadian Space Agency (Canada)
Paul Adlakha, LOOKNorth (Canada)
Dennis Nazarenko, LOOKNorth (Canada)
Melanie Desjardins, NWT Centre for Geomatics (Canada)
Don McLennan, Canadian High Arctic Research Station (Canada)


 Contact Information

     All Inquiries:  

     Georgia Doxani

     Dennis Nazarenko 




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