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2nd APVE Workshop: Arctic Products Validation & Evolution

27-Oct - 28-Oct 2015

Noordköping, Sweden

The 2nd Arctic Products Validation and Evolution (APVE) will address the development, assessment and improvement of the broad spectrum of capabilities offered by Space-based Earth observation technology in response to high-latitude and Arctic stakeholders information needs; addressing National, Regional, and International interests and, focusing on existing agency data, and others in support of future capabilities (evolution) such as pooling resources (systems, programs, audience, etc.) and better operation support/amplified impact.



In response to strategic priorities common to all high-latitude and Arctic Nations and most of which are Member States of the European Space Agency (ESA); ESA, in collaboration with the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI), LOOKNorth (Canada) and the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) is organizing the 2nd International Workshop on Arctic Products Validation and Evolution (APVE). The APVE Workshop II will foster the development, assessment and improvement of the broad spectrum of capabilities offered by Space-based Earth observation technology in response to high-Latitude and Arctic stakeholders information needs addressing National, Regional, and International interests. The focus of the second of three international workshops will be on existing agency data, and modeling and simulations of future capabilities (evolution). Scientists and validation experts are provided with the opportunity to present latest results from their on-going research, including the evolution of products, the development of validation processes, the inter-comparison methodologies and the evolution of algorithms. The workshop will focus primarily on optical imaging sensors supporting modeling and simulations with some elements of radar, from ESA missions and national missions. During this workshop results from recently reprocessed data sets will be presented and contributions for future ESA missions using existing data sets and validation infrastructures are encouraged. Participants are encouraged to submit abstracts for presentations and posters for the workshops.



  • To review algorithms and satellite-derived products for high-latitude applications (terrestrial to coastal) using ESA historical and operational sensors, as well as ESA Third Party Missions and national datasets.
  • To elaborate guidelines for generation of reference/validation data (i.e. from high resolution satellite images, in-situ data, etc.).
  • To elaborate concepts, protocols and guidelines for inter-comparison and validation of EO products at high-latitudes and the Arctic.
  • To review and discuss uncertainty characterization of satellite products at high-latitude and Arctic.

Expected Outcomes

  • Description of existing algorithms and high-latitude products as well as anticipated challenges and product evolutions.
  • Concept, protocols and procedures for validating and inter-comparing products.
  • Definition of key regions and key periods for validation and quality assessment.
  • Procedures for generating reference data for product inter-comparisons.
  • Coordinated plan of validation activities and inter-comparison

APVE Workshop II Sessions:

  1. Land Session
  2. Lake & Costal zones Session
  3. Cryosphere Session
  4. Atmoshpere Session


Schedule and Deadline

1st Workshop Announcement

20 April 2015

Abstract submission Deadline

26 June 2015

Notification of acceptance

1 July 2015

Preliminary programme

15 September 2015

Registration to the Workshop and Optional Dinner on 11 Nov. 2014

1 October 2015

2nd International Arctic Validation and Evolution Workshop

27-28 October 2015














 Local Organiser  Organisation committee
 Ulrika Willén, SMHI (Sweden)  Bojan Bojkov, ESA (Italy)
 Abhay Devasthale, SMHI (Sweden)  Ulrika Willén, SMHI (Sweden)
 David Gustafsson, SMHI (Sweden)  Dennis Nazarenko, LookNorth (Canada)
    Yves Crevier, CSA (Canada)
    Françoise Labonté, FLC for ESA (Canada)
    Alessandro Burini, ESA (Italy)



Contact Information

 Gareth Davies



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