Envisat ASAR WS Single Look Complex L1 [ASA_WSS_1P]

Envisat ASAR Wide Swath Single Look Complex

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The Level-1B data product offered by ESA from the ASAR Wide-Swath Mode (WS) is the multi-look detected product (ASA_WSM_1P), intended to support applications that exploit intensity data.

In order to support the development of new applications with the ASAR ScanSAR data, a WSM product providing phase information has been developed and implemented in the ESA ASAR processor, the Wide-Swath Single-Look complex product (ASA_WSS_1P). This product is mainly used for INSAR applications based either on wide-swath/wide-swath pairs or wide-swath/image mode pairs, applications of ocean current mapping, large-area ocean wave retrievals, and atmospheric water vapour characterisation.

It shall be mentioned that the standard ESA WSS product is based on the prototype WSS processor developed by Polimi/Poliba, which has also been used to generate prototype products for testing the potential and preparing the exploitation of the WSS product.

The ESA ASA_WSS_1P product is available as a standard Envisat ASAR product.

The ASA_WSS_1P product format is slightly different from other ASAR products since:

  • there are 5 different MDSs, one per sub-swath
  • a "Doppler Grid" ADS has been included to support ocean current mapping applications
  • there are 5 records in the MPP ADS, one per sub-swath
  • there are 5 records in the SQ ADS, one per sub-swath

Other key characteristics of the ASA_WSS_1P product are summarised below:

  • processing is fully phase preserving
  • data in the MDSs is sampled in a common grid both in range and in azimuth
  • standard product is 60 sec long with 80 m az. pixel spacing
  • auxiliary timeline information has been added in the Main Processing Parameters ADS
  • elevation antenna pattern correction is applied by default (although the product is a single-look complex)

Spatial Resolution: approximately 8 m slant range x 80 m azimuth



Spatial coverage: 
90 N, -90 S, -180 W, 180 E
Temporal coverage:
2002-10-28 - 2012-04-08
Date of launch:
Mission status:
Orbit height:
800 km
Orbit type:
Swath width:
5 - 1150 km


level 1b


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