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Sentinel-3 OLCI Tandem 2018


What was the purpose of OLCI Tandem

Tandem in images
Example of Sentinel-3 OLCI images

In Summer 2018, during the Sentinel-3A / Sentinel-3B tandem phase, thanks to a joint effort of the S-3 team and the EE-8 Fluorescence Explorer (FLEX) team, OLCI (on the B unit) was operated for selected orbits in a special sequence acquiring 45 individual bands, and maximising the spectral resolution in the oxygen absorption bands. In this way, it was possible to acquire a set of real measurements to test at first the future FLEX Level-2A processing (i.e., geometric, radiometric and spectral co-registration), and the Level-2B processing (i.e., atmospheric characterisation using OLCI A and subsequent atmospheric correction for OLCI B in different spectral channels).

What was the outcome of OLCI Tandem

In total, 24 acquisitions were taken in this mode during the time window 14 June to 14 August 2018. Each acquisition covered more than 1500 km along track, and the pattern was optimised in order to collect data over several ground sites instrumented with continuously operating systems and regularly overpassed with airborne systems within the ATMO-FLEX and FLEXSense ESA projects.

Download the OLCI Tandem Final Report

Campaign Summary
Data Coverage (Year)2018
Release DateNovember 2020
Geographic SiteGlobal
Field of ApplicationTesting of the future FLEX/Sentinel-3 tandem mission processing comprising the
geometric, radiometric and spectral co-registration, and the atmospheric
characterisation and correction
Dataset Size132 GB

Data Citation Users, who, in their research, use ESA Earth Observation data that have been assigned a Digital Object Identifier (DOI), are asked to use it when citing the data source in their publications:

Digital Object Identifier: European Space Agency, High resolution Sentinel-3B OLCI data during the tandem phase: a novel dataset towards the FLEX/Sentinel-3 mission (OLCI Tandem)


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