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Mawas Reserve
Mawas Reserve – Undisturbed, peat swamp forest type

What was the purpose of INDREX-2?

The objective of INDREX-II: Indonesian Radar Experiment Campaign over Tropical Forest in L- and P-band was to:

  • build up a data base for the investigation and validation of bio-/geophysical parameters obtained from L- and P-band polarimetric SAR interferometry (Pol-InSAR) acquired over tropical forests
  • to secure with this data set feedback to the European Agency regarding the optimal SAR sensor configuration and algorithms for biomass retrieval and monitoring in tropical areas.

What was the outcome of INDREX-2?

INDREX-II was a successful campaign in terms of experiment planning, radar data and ground measurement acquisition and radar data quality. All suggested experiments could be performed as described in the Experimental Plan submitted to ESA. The planned time schedule could be kept and no major technical problem occur during the INDREX-II campaign.

Download INDREX-II Final Report

Campaign Summary
Data Coverage (Year)2004
Geographic SiteKalimantan (Borneo), Indonesia
Field of ApplicationX-, C-, L- and P-Band SAR over Tropical Forest
Data SizeMore than 50 GB

Digital Object Identifier: INDREX-2: "Indonesian Airborne Radar Experiment Campaign over Tropical Forest in L- and P-band "


The campaign data is available online via FTP upon submission of a data access request. An active EO Sign In account is required to submit the request.

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