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FLEXSense 2019


Aircraft used in the FLEXSense 2019
Aircraft used in the FLEXSense 2019

What was the purpose of FLEXSense 2019?

In the 2019 Fluorescence Explorer Sense (FLEXSense) campaign, the 2018 campaign activities were continued in order to address some specific, yet still outstanding, issues as well as expand upon the data sets of previous, synergistic FLEX campaign activities. The three-week campaign activities were undertaken in Germany and Italy with the goal of providing a complete set of high-resolution experimental data, including all relevant elements required for the preparation of the FLEX satellite mission.

What was the outcome of FLEXSense 2019?

During the FLEXSense 2018 campaign, several data quality measures and additional data layers giving first estimates of the uncertainty of HyPlant data were introduced. These new quality metrices and layers were operationally determined for all HyPlant flight lines recorded during the 2019 FLEXSense campaign and the results are delivered as additional data layers attached to the SFM SIF maps. Additionally, we calculated errors and uncertainties on various HyPlant data products and provide quantitative data on radiometric calibration coefficients, detector uncertainties, at-sensor radiance and SIF products. This will facilitate the better integration of HyPlant data in future Cal/Val concepts of the FLEX satellite mission in which uncertainty estimates and error propagation need to be included.

Download the FLEXSense 2019 campaign final report.

Campaign Summary
Data Coverage (Year)2019
Release DateJan 2024
Geographic SiteGermany and Italy
Field of ApplicationVegetation / Photosynthetic activity / Fire detection / Drought stress detection
Data Size5.33 TB

Digital Object Identifier: European Space Agency, 2019, FLEXSense 2019 campaign,


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