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Campaign aircraft
DOMECair (GOCE) campaign aircraft

What was the purpose of DOMECair (GOCE)?

The airborne survey DOMECair 2013 and its instrumentation was designed to obtain calibration and validation data for two different satellite missions of ESA’s Earth Explorer mission, for satellites SMOS and GOCE.

What was the outcome of DOMECair (GOCE)?

The Dome C gravity survey was successful, and covered a hitherto unsurveyed and logistically very difficult region of Antarctica.

The survey has provided a consistent gravity data set with a reasonably small bias of 3 mGal compared to GOCE, and an estimated track r.m.s. noise of 8 mGal. This data set is therefore sufficient for an upward continuation and gradient estimation process to the GOCE altitude, as this process will damp the noise in the airborne data.

Download the DOMECair (GOCE) Final Report

Campaign Summary
Data Coverage (Year)2013
Release DateJanuary 2018
Geographic SiteDOME C, Antarctica
Field of ApplicationAirborne gravity data
Data Size0.12 GB

Digital Object Identifier: - DOMECair (GOCE): "Dome-C airborne gravity measurements and comparison to GOCE gradient data"


The campaign data is available online via FTP upon submission of a data access request. An active EO Sign In account is required to submit the request.

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