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What was the purpose of AROMAT-I?

SWING whiskbroom imaging system
SWING whiskbroom imaging system,
airfield near Turceni power station

The main objective of this first AROMAT campaign was to test newly developed airborne sensors and to evaluate their capabilities as validation tools for future air quality space borne sensors, in particular TROPOMI.


What was the outcome of AROMAT-I?

The airborne experiments yielded useful information on the three dimensional distribution of NO2, SO2, and aerosols.


Download the AROMAT-I Final Report

Campaign Summary
Data Coverage (Year)September 2014
Geographic SiteRomania
(Bucharest and Turceni)
Field ApplicationAtmospheric composition:
NO2, SO2, aerosols
Data Size5GB
LIDAR DataAvailable

Digital Object Identifier: - AROMAT I: "Airborne Romanian Measurements of Aerosols and Trace gases"


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