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Space weather in the thermosphere-ionosphere can have a variety of adverse effects on technological systems, for example by affecting radio signals and satellite orbits. 

Space weather service providers need to analyse a combination of observations and models to keep track of this highly dynamic environment, so that they can provide timely and accurate advisories to users. 

The Swarm-SWITCH project will incorporate Swarm observations in a state-of-the-art interactive space weather timeline viewer tool, allowing users to quickly zoom in and out on past and current observations, as well as forecast model output. 

In addition, Observing System Simulation Experiments (OSSEs) will be performed in which simulated data from the Swarm satellites as well as a possible future satellite constellation will be used to assess improvements in model accuracy made possible through data assimilation. 

The timeline viewer tool will be used, together with the results of these experiments, to demonstrate the various ways in which in-situ measurements from current and future Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite constellations will be of benefit to space weather service providers.

Project duration: September 2022 – September 2023. This project is funded by ESA via the Swarm DISC, Sub-Contract No. SW-CO-DTU-GS-132.