occ index; ANX time; UTC time; limb; duration; star id; star name; star mv; star temp; occ mode; nb meas; nb missing SP; orbit
occ index occultation number inside the level 0 file
ANX time start time of the occultaion in seconds from Ascending Node Cross
UTC time start time of the occultaion in UTC format
limb limb illumination of the occultation ('Dark', 'Bright' or 'Twilight') 
duration the duration of the occultation in seconds 
star id the star identifier
star name the star name
star mv the star magnitude
star temp the star temperature
occ mode  the occultation mode ('occ': occultation, 'lin': linearity, 'ssm': spatial spread monitoring, 'uni': uniformity)
nb meas number of measurements of the occultation
nb missing SP number of missing Source Packets
orbit absolute orbit of the occultation