Minimize Landsat 1-7

To help users familiarise themselves with the Landsat TM and ETM+ instruments, and ESA's data products, the Landsat Products Description Document  is available online.

The TM and ETM+ menu to your right provides information concerning the SPPA activities for these instruments.

A brief description of the instrument, its operations and main mission highlights are available in the sections below:


Minimize Mission Operations Overview

More information on the Mission Operations overview, including specific details on periods of acquisition and spacecraft manoeuvres for Landsat 4-7, is available here.

Additional information regarding the SLC failure, that occurred on the ETM+ instrument on May 31 2003, affecting all Landsat 7 products acquired after this date, as well as how to use the products, can be found  here and in the Landsat Products Description Document.

The following table illustrates the mission operation dates of Landsat 1-7.


Launch Date

Expiration Date

Landsat 1

July 23 1972

January 6 1978

Landsat 2

January 22 1975

July 27 1983

(Removed from operations February 25 1982; placed in standby mode March 31 1983)

Landsat 3

March 5 1978

September 7 1983

(Placed in standby mode March 31 1983)

Landsat 4

July 16 1982

June 15 2001

(Removed from operations December 14 1993)

Landsat 5

March 1 1984

June 5 2013

(Global MSS acquisitions ended in 1999, however MSS was powered back on in 2012 where limited acquisitions were made until January 2013, following the loss of the TM sensor which ended in November 2011)

Landsat 6

October 5 1993

Failed at launch

Landsat 7

April 15 1999

Remains operational

(Since June 2003, the sensor has acquired and delivered data with data gaps caused by the Scan Line Corrector (SLC) failure.)

Landsat 8

February 11 2013

Remains operational