Arctic Products Validation & Evolution Workshop II

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APVE II Workshop Logistic Information 27-28 October, 2015 Norrköping, Sweden

The venue for the meeting will be at the Museum of Work - Arbetets Museum

How to reach Norrköping

By flight:

Norrköping airport (http://www.norrkopingflygplats.se/en) has direct connections to Helsinki.

Stockholm Skavsta airport (http://www.skavsta.se/en), situated 50 minutes by bus from Norrköping, has connections by e.g. Ryanair.

Linköping airport (http://www.linkopingsflygplats.se/en), situated 30 minutes by taxi from Norrköping, has direct connections to Amsterdam and Copenhagen.

Stockholm Arlanda airport (http://www.arlanda.se/en), situated 2 hours by train from Norrköping, has international connections.

By train:

Train connections to Norrköping from Arlanda (2-2.5 h), Stockholm (1.5 h) and Copenhagen (4 h). More information:


Hotel information:

Block reservations with SMHI rates have been made at 4 hotels

Hotel Kneippen (15 rooms) 650 SEK including breakfast http://www.kneippen.se/en/
Last day to book 16 October 2015 – booking reference APVE

Hotel President (20 rooms) 875 SEK including breakfast  
Last day to book 5 October 2015 – booking reference 14070278

Elite Grand Hotel Norrköping (25 rooms) 890 SEK including breakfast
Last day to book 28 September 2015 – booking reference –GSMH261015

Scandic Norrköping City (25 rooms) 885 SEK incl breakfast
Last day to book 25 September 2015 – booking reference SMH261015