Proba-V New Coastal Products

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Coastal areas are of high ecological and economic value however they are, today, subject to intense human-induced environmental pressures. An effective monitoring system is therefore vital for the operational management and safeguarding of the coastal areas.

Traditional in-situ monitoring programs are very labour-intensive; the temporal and spatial scales of the measurements are often unsufficient to capture the variability of the water quality  in the highly dynamic coastal environments. On the other hand, satellite remote sensing has the potential to monitor the coastal area and its dynamics in a synoptic and cost-effective way. To monitor these coastal areas a 250 m spatial resolution is often put forward (e.g. MODIS 250 m channels, MERIS, Sentinel-3).  However this spatial resolution might be inadequate to monitor small scale feaures in near shore areas such as ports and estuaries i.e. areas which are facing intensified anthropogenic pressures from maintenance of capital dredging activities, large scale construction works etc.  Here, a 100 m Proba-V product might be a significant added value .

The main objective of this activity is to demonstrate the use of  Proba-V 100m data for the retrieval of TSM in coastal areas. This activity includes the selection of both an optimal atmospheric correction scheme and  TSM (Total Suspended Matter) retrieval algorithm.


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Dr. Else Swinnen
VITO – Remote Sensing
Boeretang 200
B-2400 Mol, Belgium 
Email: else.swinnen@vito.be
Dr. Fabrizio Niro
Via Galileo Galilei Frascati (RM)
00044 Italy
Email: fabrizio.niro@esa.int