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New documents available online

16 January 1995

ERS-1 Interferometric Baseline Algorithm Verification (Version 2) now available on line. Two Years of ERS-1 Data Exploitation now available on line. ERS-1 Antenna Pattern Estimation now available on line.

ERS report

13 January 1995

ERS-1 is still behaving very well and since the failure of the Travelling Wave Tube Amplifier (TWTA) a year ago, has not experienced any other major failure; all other platform and instrument equipment is still operating with the "A" unitsý

INSAR Baselines

12 January 1995

Phase E - Geodetic Phase and Phase F - Second Geodetic Phase now available on line. This update uses a new keywording scheme, where the equals sign ('=') in keywords has been substituted with an underscore.

Yearly ERS manoeuvre history

29 December 1994

ERS manoeuvre history for 1994 is available now at ESOC'sNear-Earth Navigation and Geodesy site.

ERS report

13 December 1994

Due to the potential launch delay of ERS-2 after the Ariane failure and in line with High Level Operation Plan (HLOP), which specifies a 168-day repeat cycle until 4 weeks prior to the ERS-2 launch, ESA has decided to maintain the 168-day cycle for some more weeks, in order to benefit from the unique chance to acquire two full 168-day cyclesý


02 December 1994

The following press release was sent out by Arianespaceý


13 December 1993

New set of ERS-1 INSAR images has been loaded in GDS. These images have been provided by RSL.


09 November 1993

Examples of SAR Quicklooks Application in the Oceanographic field have been added in the GDS. These are part of the ERS-1 SAR Reference Coverage CD.


03 November 1993

New versions of the INSAR Orbit Listings for the Multi-disciplinary Phase of ERS-1 are provided now which are reaching up to September 1993.

DESC Software is online

14 October 1993

The ERS On-line server set up at ESRIN enables DESC users to download the updated DESC files. Information about this service is now available on GDS.

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