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RA software

23 March 1995

A new version of the Low date Data Processing Facility (LRDPF) software was installed and will be in use from March 22, 1995, 5:30 UTC. This modification will lead to a better accuracy of the Radar Altimeter range measurement.


21 March 1995

Ariane V71 launch postponed - Due to the malfunction of a valve that could not be closed tight at the third stage of the launcher, the 71st Ariane launch (V71), originally scheduled to take place in the night from 20 to 21 March 1995, has been postponed.

Phase G begins

21 March 1995

ERS-1 has nominally started Phase G from Orbit 19248, today at 09:01:49 UTC.

ERS-1 manoeuvre

16 March 1995

Nominal scenario: Beginning of ERS-1 out of plane manoeuvre on 19 March. End of in plane manoeuvre on 21 March.

Latest ERS-2 launch news

16 March 1995

ERS-2 launch is scheduled between 11 and 18 April 1995.
(V71 ARIANE Mission is scheduled for the night between 20 and 21 March 1995).

ERS-1 Phase G

10 March 1995

User requests for ERS-1 Phase G will currently be accepted for the period 1 April 1995 to 23 July 1995 (anticipated end of ERS-2 Commissioning Phase). ERS-1 will be manoeuvred from the 168 days cycle (Phase F) into 35 days cycle (Phase G) during the period 19 to 22 March 1995. Apart from the actual ERS-1 phase transition, ERS-1 data will be continuously planned and acquired based on the ERS-1 background mission. From start of Phase G until 1 April 1995 the SAR background mission will cover Europe, North America, and worldwide areas of natural disasters.


03 March 1995

Baselines Phase F - Second Geodetic Phase: January 1995 data now available online.

Special acquisitions

02 March 1995

Special planning for monitoring the new Iceberg detached from the Larsen Ice Shelf (Antartic Peninsula) on 12 February '95

ERS-1 Phase G

01 March 1995

ERS-1 Orbit Change Manoeuvre (PHASE G) now available online.

SAR stability

22 February 1995

ERS-1 SAR Stability Monitoring is now available online.

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