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Excerpts of recent publications

27 September 1996

Please find excerpts of two recent publications: Initial testing of ERS Tandem Data Quality for InSAR Applications, ERS Tandem Mission - Early Results from the ERS-2 Commissioning Phase.

ATSR Products

05 September 1996

Products and images from the ATSR instrument on-board of the ERS-2 satellite are becoming available. See ATSR image samples and ATSR browse products now and instructions to order ATSR full products (framed GBT and UBT).

ATSR Products

19 August 1996

The distribution of GBT (gridded brightness temperature) and UBT (ungridded brightness temperature) products from the ATSR instrument on-board of the ERS-2 satellite will start in September 1996.

Pre-release of GOME level 1 products

14 August 1996

Level 1 products (see sample) stemming from GOME - the ozone detector on-board the ERS-2 satellite - will become available to the ESA project scientists as from 18 August 1996.
Coming beyond the release of level 2 products early this month, the level 1 products will be delivered on CD-ROM's. Each CD will cover three days of data and can be made available after 2 to 4 weeks of acquisition time. Timespan covered starts as from 28 June 1996 onwards yet it will also stepwise be extended back to January 1996. January to June 1996 backprocessing data will be ready end of 1996. A specific data description will be given on each CD. Please note that due to the experimental nature of these products their release is still limited to the GOME scientists working in cooperation with the European Space Agency. Further improvements are taking place and full public release will be announced as it becomes available.

Samples of ozone data from the GOME instrument

12 August 1996

GOME data has been available as from 1/8/96. One orbit sample (16 Mb) and one day sample (328 Mb).

Special Acquisition Planning

06 August 1996

Due to flooding the following ERS-2 acquisitions have been planned over the Wuhan area in China.

The GOME level 2 products are available to the public as from today.

01 August 1996

GOME, the ozone monitoring sensor launched for the first time on the ERS-2 satellite is working satisfactorily. After extensive calibration and testing ESA starts delivering its level 2 products. Data made available will start with August 1996 data and proceed with future acquisitions. Backprocessing will follow stepwise in parallel as to provide users with data back to 21 July 1995 (3 months after the satellite launch). The products that can be requested now are the LVL20 and LVL22 products. The former can be accessed free-of-charge via FTP with a two to three weeks delay over the acquisition time. The latter are available on CD-ROM's roughly 8 weeks after acquisition time, yet only for the principal investigators.

GOME validation campaign

31 July 1996

The workshop on the GOME geophysical Validation Campaign took place at ESRIN - Frascati (Italy) on 24-26 January '96. For a list of papers presented together with a summary of GOME events taking place between July 1995 and January 1996 as well as for the workshop conclusions click here.

Special Acquisition Planning

30 July 1996

The following acquisition were planned over Quebec (Canada) after a flooding event.

ATSR data availability

26 July 1996

The ERS-2 ATSR is working again since 1st July '96 and ESA data distribution up to level 1.5 is foreseen to start in the coming months.

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