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Wind Scatterometer sigma-nought

18 June 1997

This new table compensates for the 0.2 dB increase of the sigma-nought observed after the switch to the redundant Calibration Subsystem on 6 August 1996.

Calibration Pulse Level Look-up Table Modified as from 18/6/97

16 June 1997

Due to a difference between the Calibration Subsystem DC/DC converter A and B on ERS-2, a new compensatory Look-Up-Table for the ERS-2 Scatterometer will be installed in all stations starting with the first orbit of Kiruna on Wednesday 18 June 1997.

ERS-2 has been moved in order to keep a nominal "ERS-1 and 2" satellites position

10 June 1997

ERS-2 has been moved in order to keep a nominal "ERS-1 and 2" satellites position.

Online product catalogue

02 June 1997

Opening of the first services from the new ESA Multimission RS Product Catalogue.

O' Higgins Campaign

29 May 1997

Instead of August-September 1997, the next "O'Higgins Campaign" has been anticipated to 26-Jun-97 (UTC 00:00) through 18-Jul-97 (UTC 10:00). Although the timespan covered is limited to 23 days a very good coverage of the area will be obtained. User requests for sensing during the above dates should be sent within June 4th 1997.

New version of SAR PRI calibration document

21 May 1997

A new version of the document Derivation of the Backscattering Coefficient Sigma-Nought in ESA ERS SAR PRI Products published H.Laur, P.Bally, P.Meadows, J.Sanchez, B.Schaettler, E.Lopinto has been released. Full text is available online. Several changes have been introduced. The most significant of which has been the removal of the replica correction factor possible thanks to the latest calibration findings on the ERS-2 satellite. ERS-2 - much more stable than ERS-1 - has actually shown that its replica power variations are strongly related to the transmission ones.

Earth Watching website improved

20 May 1997

5 new SAR images on the Red River flood (USA & Canada - April 1997). Earth Watching has been renewed and completed with new images, improved resolution and limited Kb. It now contains about 150 images divided in 4 groups: Fire events, Flood events, Oil Spill events and Volcanic events. 2 new items: Monitoring Etna's activity and the 1992 flood in Toscana (Italy).

Special acquisitions

15 May 1997

ERS SAR acquisitions of the area affected by the earthquake in East-Iran are scheduled for the coming days.

Interferometry online collections renewed

14 May 1997

All Interferometry items have been re-grouped and reviewed on the new Earthnet Online site created by ESA/ESRIN. Find all Interferometry matters among the Remote Sensing Applications. Access directly the Interferometry Baseline Listing from the server home page. While looking at all items related to the ERS satellite mission planning (ESA Remote Sensing Services) find also the Baseline Listing at your disposal. Interferometry scientific background and applications : documents can be seen as an item in the Interferometry but also among the Remote Sensing Documentation (ESA RS services). Full text version is online whenever possible otherwise document ORDERING is also available.

Applications online

13 May 1997

More information on applications of ERS data by subject.

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