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Image Browser data enhanced - New products delayed

30 January 1997

Three more months of data are available as online browse products - total coverage is now September-December 1995 and July-August 1996. Next month to come: September 1996. New products ABT, ASST, GST availability is delayed until June 1997.


22 January 1997

Harmonisation of SAR Products becomes effective as from January 27th 1997 -the new SLCI product can be ordered and produced.

Special Acquisition Planning

22 January 1997

The Antarctic summer campaign of the German O'Higgins station will start on 27 January 1997 and will last until 20 March 1997, acquiring ERS-2 SAR data for almost two 35-day cycles.

A new GOME product level 2 has been made available both in CD-ROM media and over FTP.

08 January 1997

Orders and/or file transfers can take place for data sensed from July through October 1996. The product labelled LVL21 covers one month of data and replaces the originally foreseen LVL22 product. For more information please contact EOHELP.

Interferometric results

18 December 1996

Interferometric results over Vatnajokull glacier (Iceland seism - Oct. 1996)


29 November 1996

Harmonisation of SAR Products postponed to end of January previously foreseen for early December the new SLCI products and further harmonised SAR products will only become available end of January 1996.

Temporary change of LUT value for ERS-2 Fast Deliver and BUFR Altimeter products

22 November 1996

This is to inform you that the Look-Up Table (LUT) change originally planned to be implemented on November 25th 1996 in the ERS-2 Ground Segment has been prematurily performed on 22/11/96. As an impact the altimetric range increases by 40.9 cm. This ONLY affects the first 2 Kiruna orbits as the previous LUT configuration has been set back again as soon as possible the same day. The change can be identified in the URA product at the SPH level. The modified LUT is TAU-G-REF LUT (SPH: field number: 9). Past ID was 10001, the new one (for the first 2 Kiruna orbits) being 10006. Please note that the same LUT change will permanently be implemented on November the 25th 1996.

ERS-2 fast delivery ALTIMETER data

11 November 1996

ESA is improving the ERS-2 Fast Delivery Altimeter product.

SAR Products improvement

04 November 1996

ESRIN has further improved the generation of SAR products stemming from the ERS satellites data.

New GOME products

29 October 1996

Level 3 and 4 also available.

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