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ESAMS '99 - Atmospheric Measurements from Space

26 August 1999

The proceedings of ESAMS '99, the European Symposium on Atmospheric Measurements from Space" - Vol I & II ESTEC, The Netherlands 18-22 January 1999 have become available and can be ordered. Find details on the GOME documentation page.

Turkey earthquake area: satellite images

26 August 1999

Satellite scenes from before and after the August 1999 earthquake with Izmit city as epicenter have become available. See in particular ERS SAR interferometry views from 5 days before the disaster and a series of ERS SAR and LANDSAT TM pre-and post event full resolution views.

Turkey Earthquake : ERS SAR and LANDSAT data available

23 August 1999

ESA is prepared, under conditions listed below, to make a basic set of ERS SAR data available to expert teams who are commited to analysing the effects of the August 1999 earthquake in Turkey (Middle East) and sharing the results.

ESA EO Supply Chain Workshop 1999 - Report

11 August 1999

The Report of the ESA EO Supply Chain Workshop held at ESRIN (Frascati- Italy) on 8-9 April 1999, has been added to the General Applications Documentation page. It can either be ordered in printed form or downloaded on this site in PDF version.

Landsat TM products on CD: reader software

06 August 1999

Users wishing to read the CEOS annotations of the LANDSAT TM products on CD from machines with Solaris 1 & 2 or WINDOWS 95 & 98 operating systems can now download the relevant software from the software gallery on this site (free of charge).

SAR products on CD: reader software

06 August 1999

To read/write CEOS annotations of ERS SAR products on CD from machines with solaris 1/2 or WINDOWS 95/98 operating systems: just follow the instructions for downloading/compiling the programs now added to the software gallery.

Outcome of ESA ATSR June 1999 workshop

05 August 1999

A summary of the workshop presented at the occasion of the International Workshop on Applications of the ERS Along Track Scanning Radiometer that took place on 23-25 June 1999 at ESA ESRIN is available.

GOME Data Product Improvement at the German Processing and Archiving Facility (D-PAF)

19 July 1999

Processing of GOME products with an upgraded GOME Data Processor (GDP) version (2.0 for level-0-to-1 and 2.7 for level-1-to-2) has started at D-PAF mid of July 1999. A short summary about the current GDP product quality status is given in the quality document. A detailed delta validation report is under preparation. Reprocessing of all GOME measurements with this new GDP version is planned by the end of 1999.

ATSR products: Near Real Time Service

15 July 1999

A Near Real Time service distributing ATSR data acquired and processed from the Tromsoe Satellite Station (Norway) has been opened. Online data is available as soon as 3 hours after sensing and can be obtained free of charge.

ATSR Calibration tables updated

12 July 1999

The visible calibration table has been revised to include corrections for long term drift and 1.6um bias. An uncorrected version is still being maintained at the site in case this affects user current processing.

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